Song Of The Day 6/4/2016: The Emotions – “There Are More Questions Than Answers”

Wax of Stax – Finally this week, we got the Emotions. They were of course best known for their 1977 #1 hit "Best of My Love," one of the greatest pop-disco songs ever and the result of a dramatic reinvention at the hands of Earth, Wind & Fire's Maurice White. But before that they were one of Stax/Volt's most intriguing vocal groups of the early '70s and lined up an impressive amount of decent-sized R&B hits. One of them, "So I Can Love You," scraped into the lower rungs of the pop Top 40. "There Are More Questions Than Answers," a 1974 B-side, was one of Stax/Volt's only forays into reggae-esque music. Reggae itself was just then breaching upon the American shores thanks to the cult success of The Harder They Come at the midnight movies. Of course "There Are More Questions Than Answers" was adorned with a few American touches like a pliant string section. But it's got a sweet chord near the end of the refrain if you want to stick around for it. Shortly after this Stax went bust and the Emotions caught the red-eye to Boogie Wonderland, but it all worked out for the best.

That's it for this week. Please buy Stax products.

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