Radio Show Debut Episode Of The Day 7/2/2016: Star Time #1 - Let the Good Times Roll

So KVRU Rainier Valley Radio went online on Friday, July 1. I found out because they emailed me shortly after 1 in the afternoon, while I was working out of Tumwater. I don't know exactly what time they started. All personal interests aside -- jeez, it sounds good. It didn't sound like what I'd expect the first day of a public radio station to sound; i.e., stuttering, people flipping through how-to manuals, a general sense that happenstance was going to be our radio buddy until we got our shit together. It didn't sound like that at all. It was professional. It was smoothly presented, well-produced and entertaining. Around 6pm I heard a promo that they made for my R&B show, Star Time. My hand to God, I had no idea they were going to do that. It was part of a three-part promo advertising Sergio Lacour’s Love Lines, Jon Kertzer's Spanish Castle Magic and Star Time. Honestly, just being in the same promo as Kertzer -- jeezus, I would've called that a good day and let you go home early.

But Star Time premiered as well, at about 6:10pm. So eleven years of scheming and about three and a half months of careful preparation are all let loose. In addition to hearing the shows on you'll be able to hear them after the fact on my Mixcloud channel. So here, at long last, is Episode 1. It's your basic introductory episode with songs about music, dancing and generally feeling better than you would have in a situation without any musical stimuli. I'm happy, hope you're happy too.

"Now ladies and gentlemen..."

(Note: This episode was taped in March.)

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