Song Of The Day 7/1/2016: Little Feat – “All That You Dream”

Two songs were going through my head all day yesterday. One was Chris Isaak's "Heart Shaped World." I haven't the foggiest idea why that was. I don't think I ever even owned the album it was on. I don't have any objections to Chris Isaak at all. He often kept MTV from drowning in its own seriousness when he guest-hosted 120 Minutes. Stand-up guy who survived being born in Stockton, California. But we've never had a very serious relationship. Although he looks damn good for 60 years old. Anyway, for reason unbeknownst, that was one of the songs that robbed me of my will on Thursday.

This was the other one, by the great and frequently misunderstood Southern-sounding band Little Feat. They weren't actually from the Southern United States. Lowell George, the founder, was born in Hollywood, California. One of the guys who wrote "All That You Dream," Paul Barrere, was born in Burbank. I first became aware of "All That You Dream" via Linda Ronstadt's version on her 1978 album Living in the U.S.A. (That was also probably my first exposure to Elvis Costello's songwriting, since Linda covered "Alison" on that same album. Elvis wasn't terribly impressed with it. In retrospect I wasn't either.) I don't have any real reason for this song being inescapable yesterday either, which means there's probably some synchronistic jazz happening in my immediate psychic field that I'm going to have to decipher in between all the other bouts of activity I have going on today. Feel free to hypothesize. Don't cost nothin'. 

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