Song Of The Day 7/11/2016: Jessica Jones – “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday”

Highway To Mutt – Superstar producer Robert John "Mutt" Lange is okay in my book because he produced three AC/DC albums, including Highway to Hell. He also produced Graham Parker's Heat Treatment which I have loved for years, plus stuff from people I like very much including Kevin Coyne, the Boomtown Rats and Clover, the American band that backed up Elvis Costello on My Aim Is True. Yes, he produced Michael Bolton as well. And Maroon 5. And -- oh, god, Nickelback. He also produced Def Leppard and ex-wife Shania Twain, which will either repulse or enthrall you depending on how you feel about them. (I'm fine with both.)

He's got a very extensive entry at, which has basically been programming Song Of The Day for me most of the summer, so in this kind of dead week before The Hidden '70s drops like a giant electronic kick drum with far too much gated reverb, I thought we'd go over some of the more obscure Mutt productions that have shown their faces through the years. Today's, as far as I can tell, was his first production job in 1972. It's for Jessica Jones, whose image probably was a lot easier to search for on Google before that Marvel Comics series on Netflix (which I heartily endorse as well). This is a faux country record, reflecting Mutt's early admiration for the work of Slim Whitman. I'm finding a lot of musicians who genuinely liked Slim Whitman, like Bob Dylan. Jessica Jones is no Slim Whitman, but she'll do in a pinch.

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