Song Of The Day 7/14/2016: City Boy – “The Day the Earth Caught Fire”

Highway To Mutt – Watch this one, kids. Watch and learn. This is how you make a proper apocalyptic, end-of-the-world, construction-zone-from Hades music video. You don't need all those CGIs or those green screens or those Michael Bays. You just need ingenuity, and to be in 1979. City Boy were from Birmingham, England, an industrial megalopolis that gave the world Black Sabbath and doesn't care. So there were plenty of mechanical splotch zones fallen into disrepair that City Boy could run around in. You needed a telephone, a blasé operator and the most gravity-challenged fog machine you could buy. You needed big pipes that looked suspended between erection and collapse. You needed an elevator that you could all stuff yourself into and try to get out of without looking too wrinkled. Or personally affected. This is the kind of tense narrative that only the '70s could provide. See also "Jailbreak."

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