Song Of The Day 7/23/2016: Mouth & MacNeal – “Hey, You Love”

The Hidden '70s, Part 1 – He was Mouth, she was MacNeal. They both were Dutch. They made a series of agreeable music videos which showed off their personal chemistry in a relationship built on mutual admiration and a certain blithe spirit. They probably finished each other's sentences and knew what housewarming gifts to get the other. Really, it was an optimal end result of the Great Society. Pity it couldn't last, but most Great Societies get overrun by paperwork and bureaucracy. Mouth & MacNeal had a worldwide hit with "How Do You Do," which even sneaked into the U.S. Top Ten. And of course they were in the Eurovision Song Contest. People like this were who the Eurovision Song Contest was invented for. They finished third or fourth. "Hey, You Love" (#87, 1972) was a slightly funkier, sparser tune that made the most of the studio space. They're still charming as hell though. Bottle that stuff up.

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