Song Of The Day 8/31/2016: Cousteau – “Your Day Will Come”

Here's a little shard of darkness to finish up your autumn. "Your Day Will Come" is one of my favorite songs of the 1990's, fitting in nicely with the brooding standard-bearers that defined most of that decade for me. You know -- American Music Club, Rufus Wainwright, Matthew Sweet's Altered Beast, the Tindersticks albums I actually listened to. I always hoped Cousteau were French, because of their being named after that country's most popular marine biologists and it would have just fit so damn beautifully. But they were from England, which was just as good a moody place to be from even before Brexit. Abandon most of your hope for the next three and a half minutes. It's Blacharach. Jimmy Webb Of Deceit. Bring nose plugs.

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