Song Of The Day 9/1/2016: Shack – “Comedy”

Photo: Mark McNulty
Really, I've got to start leaving better trails of crumbs as to where I dig up these songs. Here's another complete mystery I scheduled in a fever that was dropped in a burlap sack from a flying copter. Shack is from Liverpool. This lovely track "Comedy" is from 1999 and I believe somewhere in the Western Hemisphere it brought two lovers sharing a soda closer together. She had recently given up brown lipstick and he was starting to realize the copy shop wasn't meeting his vocational needs. It was okay, though, 'cause she didn't know it but she was about to inherit five hundred grand. Unfortunately it was all in bonds. He, in the meantime, did surveying work for the state. Again, fulfilling on a monetary level, but not much for the whole tortured artist thing. He really was a crabapple, if we're being honest with each other, but they made it work. Good for them. They moved to the Midwest and nobody saw them again. Here's Shack with "Comedy."

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