Song Of The Day 9/9/2016: Gallagher & Lyle – “Heart on My Sleeve”

I'm way late on today's entry, I apologize. You can blame the telecommunications industry in a roundabout way. But it's all right, we're here now, so just lie back and plug your headphones into that jack -- while you still can, bwah-hah-hah-hah.

The final week of The Hidden '70s starts tomorrow. It's a doozy. It's going ten days, with seven Songs Of The Day and three mixtapes. Three impossibly long mixtapes being made in impossibly compacted time frames. One's in "post" as they say. I'm very excited. This great little song from Gallagher & Lyle is on Mixtape #28, which is sort of the Hidden '70s "outtakes" mix, but there's no reason this song shouldn't have been on Mixtape #27, which is the official release. It's really nice. That synthesizer drone you hear? It's actually an accordion! I thought it was one of them Juno drone deals, but no. It's something you have to finger. I love those kinds of things.

Anyway, this is a nice little song. Bryan Ferry covered it as well. Everybody agreed it was the best accordion party ever.

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