Song Of The Day 9/22/2016: Rocket From the Crypt – “Break It Up”

Never mind this if you don't wanna. I just finished a deadline-driven piece about chamber pop for Treble and this seemed like a good palette-cleanser. Rocket From the Crypt is also based in San Diego, just like Treble. "Break It Up" is one of my favorite straight-ahead rock and roll tracks of the '90s, or anytime, really. I've fantasized about doing this song in a hastily cobbled-together show with the Dirty Birds, one of the bands I used to fraternize with in Olympia. I'd pop out of a giant replica of a 9-volt battery, Iggy-style, and lope around the stage in wild abandon 'til the Medicare kicked in. Come to think of it that's how I approach my work presentations, except I usually have a PowerPoint doc to back me up. 

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