Song Of The Day 9/29/2016: The Pop Guns – “My Mother’s Been Reading My Diary Again”

...And we're back like nothing ever happened! All right. I've got a draft of Mixtape #32 in front of me. This one's gonna be yuge: A bunch of commercial but still somewhat obscure '80s new wave pop. I went straight for the waify boys on this one. I wanted no overt plays towards critical acceptance or acclaim; I wanted the sensitive boys who played straight to the heart of your Macchio-lovin' irises. However, this song from the Pop Guns was too enchanting for me to pass up, which is a problem, 'cause it's a girl. As such it may or may not survive the cut to Mixtape #32 (provisional and likely final title: She Saw You Pout), but thankfully I have this resource here to give it some play. Well, for now. This gem was written by Graham Fellows, better known to '80s import collectors as the one and only Jilted John. He ain't no one-trick pony.

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