Songs Of The Day 9/30/2016: Fancy Rosy – “I Am the Clown of Disco Town” + “Punk Police”

All I can tell you about Fancy Rosy is that she was born in Puerto Rico, somehow made her way to Germany, and was in a disco trio called Pretty Maid Company, who made a wondrously tacky disco rendition of Glenn Miller's "In the Mood" that also worked in a few bars from "Moonlight Serenade." What can I say, the marketplace was famished. In the middle of Da Company's great adventure Fancy Rosy went solo for exactly one single, both sides of which you are hearing courtesy of me and your incredibly good fortune. "I Am the Clown of Disco Town" sounds exactly like a clown-inspired disco song. "Punk Police," which I'm going to guess nobody in Rosy's inner circle saw coming, makes no narrative sense whatsoever. These are the height of disposability, so I don't want to say too much more to ruin the experience. But I will mention that Rosy posed for a full-length poster, a photography that was very popular in the '70s, that was titled Toilet Terror. I can't find a picture of it alone and I won't reprint it here (it's sort of NSFW, though your supervisor has to really be looking hard over your shoulder), but know that it allegedly sold 3 million copies in Germany, which per capita is pretty close to the US dominance of the Farrah Fawcett swimsuit poster in 1976. You had to be there.

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