Song Of The Day 10/27/2016: The Horrors – “Gloves”

Halloween Week -- The Horrors from southeast England gained notoriety pretty quickly with the macabre music video "Sheena Is a Parasite," directed by Chris Cunningham, who has a penchant for such exhibitions. This video featured Oscar-nominated actress Samantha Morton whipping around in amphetamine frenzy, while harboring a creature that looks like a cross between a heart valve and a free-range chicken underneath her dress. It can happen. The video was so evocative that the Horrors' music strategy, kind of a hate child between the Ramones and the Cramps, seemed to be pretty set. But after two albums with similar rough edges, they went all Britpop in 2011 with an album called Skying. It's pretty good. They're all pretty good. It's just a head-spin, that's all. "Gloves" was on their debut album Strange House and considers the dark case of a handwear hoarder. When I say it like that it sounds bad. I apologize if glove-hoarding is your thing and I've just equated you with society's caste-driven dregs. I'm a little tired.

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