Mixtape Of The Day 11/20/2016: Traps & Snares

Get ready to thwack. Traps & Snares is a quickie I put together that focuses on drums and percussion. In addition to the usual experimental, avant-garde antics that are my bread and butter, there are some mainstream and even straight-up commercial artists thrown in as well (yes, you're actually seeing a Led Zeppelin song on one of my mixes). Includes a few of my favorite drum lines of all time (Nick Lowe, Captain Beefheart), nice textural maneuvers (Joni Mitchell, Squeeze), neo-classical pieces (Amadinda Percussion Group, Harrison Birtwistle), an exercise in divergent timekeeping (Cornershop), and something by Moondog (Moondog). Enjoy.

Baard Kolstad – Drum Solo (edit)
Cornershop – Butter the Soul
Max Roach – Caravanserai
Stan Freberg – The Yellow Rose of Texas
Nick Lowe – Big Kick, Plain Scrap
Joni Mitchell – The Jungle Line
Maelstrom Percussion Ensemble – Lou Harrison: Cantible No. 1
Led Zeppelin – Poor Tom
Peter Giger – Trilokie
Captain Beefheart – Hot Head
Squeeze – Trust
Paul Lansky – Threads (Movement 1)
Raspberries – I Don’t Know What I Want
The Who – Cobwebs and Strange
Harrison Birtwistle – For O, For O, the Hobby-Horse is Forgot (Excerpt)
Los Lobos – Arizona Skies
The Radio Dept. – Sloboda Narodu
Joe Jackson – Target
Amadinda Percussion Group – John Cage: Third Construction (Excerpt)
Moondog – Theme

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