Song Of The Day 11/15/2016: Elvis Costello – “Everybody's Crying Mercy”

Quarterly Covers Report -- Now Mose Allison is gone. Probably the most unique and cutting lyricist of his generation of jazz musicians. He was more humanistic than the beatniks, more complex than the torchers, as funny as Cole Porter and nearly as haunted as Billy Strayhorn. You've heard the Who cover his song "Young Man's Blues" on Live at Leeds. Outside of that, you may not have heard many Mose Allison covers. I have no earthly idea why. So of course Elvis Costello did, with Marc Ribot on guitar, the great session keyboardist (and former member of Bread) Larry Knechtel on an agile organ part, your drummer on speed-dial Jim Keltner, and the bass player for that other Elvis, Jerry Scheff.

Go to hell, 2016. Thinking of heading to Antartica until January 1, but I think my family would miss me. I think.

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