Song Of The Day 11/21/2016: Wendy & Bonnie – “By the Sea”

I found this on a webpage listing various examples of "outsider music" (which may be next week's theme, I'll see how I feel in a couple hours), which implies that there's something inherently wrong with it. But that's not the case. Genesis was the only album recorded by teenage sisters Wendy and Bonnie Flower in 1969. They were from the Bay Area and their parents were professional musicians. Their godfather was Latin jazz percussionist Cal Tjader, who co-owned a small label with Hungarian jazz guitarist Gábor Szabó -- both musicians I've coincidentally been listening to a lot lately. There are some heavy-hitting musicians on Genesis: drummer Jim Keltner, guitarist Larry Carlton and keyboardist Mike Melvoin (whose own daughter Wendy was half of Wendy & Lisa, of Prince & the Revolution fame). "By the Sea" is an eerie, lovely bit that's way beyond the sisters' combined years. 

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