Songs Of The Day 11/30/2016: Icy Spicy Leoncie – “Satan City” + “Sex Crazy Cop”

The Art Of Giving Up -- Oh, Icy Spicy Leoncie. Good times never felt so good. You, you light up my life. You are the sunshine of my life. You decorated my life. You had me several years ago when I was still quite naive. I've been walking Central Park, singing after dark, people think I'm crazy. I'm Henry VIII, I am. In-a-gadda-da-vida, baby, don't you know that I luh-huh-ove you? We got a great big convoy, ain't she a beautiful sight?

See? I'm speaking in tongues. It was really only a matter of time before Leoncie filled one of these pages; if I put her here any earlier she may have been all this blog ever would have been about. Basic facts: She's an Indian-Portuguese musician and singer who's now based in Iceland. She claims to have studied at Trinity College of Music in London, and frankly I can hear that potentially being the case. She's been releasing music since 1985. I got hep to her sometime in 2008; as usual I don't have the breadcrumbs to indicate how that happened. It's one of those things that prove how relative time can be.

Let's just quote her YouTube page. I have decided to replicate it exactly as displayed with no spaces after the commas:
LEONCIE IS A MUSICAL POWERHOUSE and an Excellent Singer Songwriter,Entertainer. She's got her own individual identity in Music and is the Multi Instrumentalist of all her Songs.

LEONCIE is a highly qualified musician,who composes Original,Fresh Incredible timeless songs in many languages with great lyrics and compelling melodic hooks and she´s a 100% Awesome Venue filler. Her UNIQUE playing blends the styles of Rock, Blues Jazz,Powerpop,and Dance Music,with worldwide sounds.

Leoncie's singing style is Pure Vocal Gymnastics. Her music has a lot of heart, It´s fun and also Sexy. She´s a breath of fresh air in todays copycat music industry.

Leoncie´s Music is Not Just A Crush, It´s A Lifelong Love Affair.
The first Leoncie song that grabbed me was "Satan City," which tackles the heretofore elusive task of setting the lesser traits of the Cloven-Hooved One to an infectious polyrhythm and solid synthetic piccolo lines. Lyrically -- well, two quatrains relating to the denizens of Satan City:
Their children are alcoholics
And simply users, drug addicts
Their minds are loaded with hatred
And they're screwed up with chlamydia 
Furthermore, referring to the "mayor" of Satan City:
His father's name is Lucifer
His mother's name is 666
His son's name is Beelzebub
And he himself is Satan shit
But no single song of Leoncie's generates fervor more than her music videos, which are probably exactly as you'd expect them to look like but oddly satisfying. I urge you to start with "Sex Crazy Cop" and go from there.

Oh, hell, one more for fun: I Want Your Love (not the Chic song). I can't embed it here, maybe because the Pepsi company thought their logo was just too prominent.

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