The Top Songs Of The Day of 2016: #10-2

The nine worst in the top 10.

10. Aztec Camera – “The Bugle Sounds Again”
Mar. 1

One of this year's personal theme songs. I'm not sure why.

9. David Bowie – “Absolute Beginners”
Jan. 15

The second-to-last in the Bowie series in January. This was the most self-expository post in the batch which explains part of the appeal. Also had a Labyrinth-inspired back tattoo which I'm sure helped.

8. Glen Campbell – “Guess I’m Dumb”
June 22

Another one from the Brian Wilson tribute week.

7. Whistling Jack Smith – “I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman”
June 28

The arguable centerpiece of the Sincerely Yours, Sunbrite mixtape, which was kind of like my own Sgt. Pepper.

6. Amanda – “Cookie Santa”
Dec. 21

I changed the rules for the end-of-the-year countdown to allow for the late-December Christmas songs, because this humble track generated more first-day page views of any Song Of the Day in history.

5. KISS – “Rock and Roll All Nite”
Aug. 6

From the Week Of Lies story about the KISS Army. This was the premiere episode. It went downhill quickly.

4. The Evasions – “Wikka Wrap”
Jan. 22

This got more page views than any other song this year. I'd explain why it's #4 instead of #1 but then I'd have to go over that math again. I don't do math.

3. Cibo Matto – “Beef Jerky” + “Birthday Cake”
Apr. 26

From a week of food songs, from the most food-obsessed album of the '90s.

2. The Tonettes – “Teardrop Sea”
May 28

From the Stax Records week. How this generated such a mass of page views I've no idea, but it's heartening.

Tomorrow: Numero uno.

Alan Whicker, the object of affection in the Evasions' "Wikka Wrap."

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