Song Of The Day 12/2/2016: Edith Massey – “Punks, Get Off the Grass”

The Art Of Giving Up -- Edith Massey was a mainstay of John Waters' '70s movies after the director met her working as a waitress in a cocktail bar. She was in his valentine to unchecked orifices, Pink Flamingos, and just kind of went from there. She opened a couple of thrift shops with her take from the flicks, and also landed on the cover of John Cougar's pre-Mellencamp album Nothin' Matters and What If It Did. At some point someone had the great idea to put her in a punk band called Edie and the Eggs. I assume "Punks, Get Off the Grass" was a product of that effort. I don't know if she's asking punks to get off the literal grass, like her lawn, or whether she was exhorting punks to stop smoking marijuana, which I didn't think most '70s/'80s punks did. Either way, message delivered, absorbed, thank you. Massey died in 1984 so we can't ask her what she meant.

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