Song Of The Day 12/12/2016: The Four Shells – “Hot Dog”

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2016 -- This was excised from Wax of Stax Week. I believe it was because I couldn't find any immediately accessible information on them. I don't know why I thought delaying their appearance until Outtakes time would change any of that, because that situation has not changed. I found some information here. This is what that information says: "A Chicago group recording licensed to Stax, produced by Jerry Butler and Eddie Thomas.They recorded previously for Conlo (Conlo 879: When I'm Blue / Whiplash, produced by Jerry Butler), distributed by Cameo Parkway under the name The Shells. Their names were Charles Calvin, Willie Exon, Billy Harper and James Calvin (infos thanks to Clay Calvin)." There you have it. Data provided with flash and a smile. I'm angling for that Walmart greeter position in about 20 years. Christ, I mean, 15. All right, 10.

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