Song Of The Day 12/16/2016: Seals & Crofts – “King of Nothing”

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2016 -- This was cut from The Hidden '70s. Seals & Crofts are, somewhat mysteriously, one of the groups from the '70s most consigned to oblivion. I don't know how this happened. They had a trio of songs that all peaked at #6: "Summer Breeze," "Diamond Girl" and "Get Closer." I think "Summer Breeze" eventually got more famous through the Isley Brothers' cover version, frequently cited as one of the more miraculous elevations of much-maligned soft-rock songs that ever saw the light of day. You simply cannot win them all. "King of Nothing" was a bouncy clip of melancholy that stalled at #60 in 1974. Not including "Get Closer" it's probably their best song. 

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