Song Of The Day 12/22/2016: Harvey Danger – “Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas (Sometimes)”

Christmas Week -- I understand and respect the indentured agony my associate Sean sings about. Not because I ever had to work on Christmas, but because I was usually one of the cinema-goers on Christmas Day who necessitated the ticket-taker such as the one in this video having to work on Christmas. This was due to my religious upbringing, which forbade the celebration of Christmas and looked suspiciously upon any activities that might have been related to or inspired by said holiday sentiment. This included family gatherings, so we split for the Century Theatre in Sacramento to see Close Encounters and didn't say one affectionate or uplifting thing to each other. Nowadays things are different. I think Christmas is swell, and being married to a Norwegian with family nearby we celebrate the living hell out of this thing. And then we binge-watch Mr. Robot and pass out from too many pine needles.

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