Song Of The Day 1/5/2017: Buchanan Brothers – “Medicine Man”

If you haven't heard, this blog's transitioning out of Song Of The Day. It'll be going out with a bang with the final 50 songs, starting on February 8 and ending on March 29. I've got most of that planned out already. That means this month is, well, kind of lame-ducky. I'm just pulling crap out of the ether right now. I hope you appreciate how artfully I'm doing it though.

This is a song from my childhood from the Buchanan Brothers. None of them were named Buchanan. Two of them were named Cashman and West, and they had a modest soft-rock hit with "American City Suite." Before that they did this little romp. It came out on Event Records. The copy my sisters had looked exactly like the photo above. Event Records was also known for releasing a budget album called Zingers from the Hollywood Squares, which just gave me an excuse to have a Paul Lynde retrospective on YouTube for a bit. Then I remember I had to post this. Big plans. I got big plans.

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