Song Of The Day 1/9/2017: Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet – “Stalin Wasn’t Stallin’”

It finally happened. After almost five years, it finally happened. Or rather, didn't happen. The day it didn't happen was yesterday.

I plum forgot to put up a Song Of The Day for January 8.

I remembered in the afternoon that I had to do it, but had to run Lucie out to a birthday party (and then had to pick her back up). Then the Golden Globes came on and I had to watch those. Then I did more research and listening for an interview I'm doing later today, took a set of notes, then took a second set of notes because the guy I'm interviewing is someone I really want to interview correctly, and when I looked up -- it was 12:20am the next day.

Well, there goes that streak. At least it happened during the final three months of Song Of The Day when I'm not going to be counting or keeping records of the metrics or anything. But I'm still moderately disappointed. My vow to you is to keep limping through until March 29, at which point I'll just decompose instantaneously.

Today's song just came up in conversation a couple of minutes ago. It's from the Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet, who were from Virginia, not San Francisco. It was remade in the '70s or '80s by Robert Wyatt. It's amusing. It's about Josef Stalin, who had a Tom Selleck mustache.

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