Song Of The Day 1/11/2017: Solomon Burke – “Don’t Give Up On Me”

I wrote a blurb about Solomon Burke's 2002 album Don't Give Up On Me for Treble tonight. It'll be up tomorrow. I'll send a memo to the distribution group and all that. It really is one of the best soul albums to be released this century, and it came eight years before Burke passed away. Joe Henry, a brilliant Americana musician and producer who's also Madonna's brother-in-law, which I'm sure is a fact he loves having journalists repeat over and over. There are lots of good songs on Don't Give Up On Me from the likes of Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Van Morrison and such. But the best is the title track, the most known co-writer of which is Southern soul guy Dan Penn. If I say anything more about it I might get maudlin, and I understand I can be deported for that about nine days from now.

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