Song Of The Day 1/26/2017: Charles Bradley – “Changes”

Quarterly Covers Report - I've been coming across instances and anecdotes of Black Sabbath's influence over R&B and hip hop musicians. It's not that surprising if you talk to any number of hip hop musicians (Ice T, Cypress Hill) who've sampled Sabbath over the years, and it's hard for me to see how Funkadelic could have recorded "Maggot Brain" without hearing the first Sabbath album. The James Brown biography I'm trudging through reveals that Bootsy Collins was a big Sabbath fan and used some of their ideals playing for the Godfather. Then there's this cover of "Changes" from Vol. 4 by contemporary soul master Charles Bradley. Granted, the original song wasn't metal to begin with, so it could probably translate well to other genres a little easier than other Sabbath songs. But this is still major, especially with the accompanying video.

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