Song Of The Day 2/1/2017: The Cramps – “(Hot Pool of) Womanneed”

You Pick The Artist - The Final Picking -- Colin Donald, this blog's Australian correspondent, gave me The Cramps. Not literally, the band. I confess The Cramps were one of those '80s bands for whom I had no objection, but didn't really follow. I know, I know, as a hometown boy of Sacramento I should have known more about that piece of local music history, but the Cramps only existed there for a year before they moved to beautiful Akron, Ohio. I had a copy of Bad Music for Bad People on cassette and that was about it. Nevertheless I'm picking the song of theirs I listened to the other night and liked the best, from their 1986 album A Date with Elvis. It had no Elvis on it. Thanks Colin, for this suggestion and your service.

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