Four More Episodes of "Star Time" to Buttress This Temporary Hiatus

Jeez. Has it been a week already? I had no idea the descent into irrelevance would go so quickly. I barely noticed.

In general, you should know I'm taking a little informal break after flinging you guys Songs Of The Day for five years straight. I have some other things to clear up as well. But I'm working on new ways to abuse this space. (And trying to figure out how to change this font size so it's a little bigger -- yes, it should be automatic, but this is still Blogger.) Look for a mid-to-late April date for me to pick the oxygen mask back up and start putting stuff up here again.

Here's some housecleaning I need to do that you might benefit from as well. These are the four latest episodes of Star Time, all of which have aired and are now officially available to you via our Mixcloud thing. Just push play and get going. You can play them all at once if you want to, but I suggest siphoning through them one at a time if you suffer from vertigo.

Star Time #9 is just a general, theme-less romp, but the other three have themes. Star Time #10 is all Philly soul; #11 is all '80s; and #12 is all about New Orleans.

You're now all caught up with all the episodes that have thus far aired. Neat huh?

Oh, oh, also, before I forget: Star Time now plays at a new website: That's where you want to go. That's where we all went. You should be there too.

Okay, back to my Isagenix cleanse. Don't wait up.

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