Star Time #13: Strange Neighborhood

So, for the foreseeable future, there's going to be a new episode of Star Time on good ole every bloomin' week, I think on Mondays. Three days later, I'm thinking, the most recently broadcast episode will go up on Mixcloud. Starting right now. Today. This instant. Here it is. It's a good show to start this new routine on, since it's one of the generalized Star Times with no particular theme. It'll give you a good overview of the overall feel we're going for. The beautiful parade of humanity we're going to throw your way every week. Let me know how it feels. Yes, before you ask, I'll be happy to do this for money. Where do you want me to set up?

Broken down by set so you can keep score at home.

The Dixie Aires - I'm Not Like I Used to Be
Ketty Lester - Sweet Torture
Curtis Lee - Is She In Your Town
Gene McDaniels - Strange Neighborhood
Malcolm Hayes - I Gotta Be With You
Effie Smith - The Blond Wig
Alice Clark - Say You'll Never (Never Leave Me)
Reuben & the Chains - When You Love Someone

Betty Lavett - Witch Craft in the Air
The Soul Twins - Quick Change Artist
Otis Redding - I'm Sick Y'all
Jimmy Delphs - Dancing a Hole in the World
The PC's Ltd. - Fast Man (Booty Man)
Soul Incorporated - My Proposal
Panic Buttons - O Wow
Big Daddy Rogers - I'm a Big Man
Big Ella - It Takes a Lot of Loving (To Satisfy Me)

Billy Preston - Nothing from Nothing
The Blossoms - Touchdown
The Ruffin Brothers - Steppin' on a Dream
The Emotions - Blind Alley
Azteca - Can't Take the Funk Out of Me
Masterfleet - Well Phase I
Thelma Houston - Black California
Jon Hendricks - I'll Bet You Thought I'd Never Find You

Freddie North - She's All I Got
Leon Haywood - The Streets Will Love You to Death (Pt. 1)
Natalie Cole - Joey
Jean Shy - What Can I Do I'm So In Love With You
Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis - I Feel Love In This Room Tonight
Black Ice - The Wine Is Bitter (But the Grapes Are Sweet)

Earth, Wind & Fire - Kalimba Story

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