Mixtape: Misplex

Misplex is a title I came up with about ten years ago. Originally I used it as the name of another blog, but didn't have time to create the parallel universe I had planned for it. I still like the name. Then a few weeks ago I had an idea for another regular Mixcloud series. Each episode would be about an hour and change and focus on musical transitions and juxtapositions. I don't know whether I'd have time for that either, but if I did, or if I do, you could consider this mixtape the pilot for that series. And in the process of making this I came up with yet another couple of ideas for regular series. Really, one of you should take advantage of this creative fire and pay me to do it. Anyway. Here's Misplex.

Haruomi Hosono vs. Robert Fripp - Talking / 1987
Adrian Belew - Big Electric Cat
Beyond the Implode - 11th Hour Breakdown
Visitors - Electric Heat
Plant Bach Ofnus - Gwastraff
Mark Applebaum - Future Shock
Bourbonese Qualk - Forget the Past
Son of Heino & Die O-Brothers - Wan Tong
Bonzo Goes to Washington - 5 Minutes
John Oswald - Madmod
Donald Sinta - Creston Sonata for Saxophone, III. With Gaiety
Sir Alick & the Phraser - In Search of the Perfect Baby
Hank & Johnny Pearson - T Rex Zord vs. Dragon
Daniel Johnston - My Little Girl
Niki Daly - Is It an Ism or Is It Art?
Marc Almond & Orchestra Rossiya - Pearly Night
Björk - Overture from "Dancer In the Dark"

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