Top Songs Of The Day 2012: #15-11

We got TV theme disco, a wistful and frustratingly early departure, a huge frickin' rabbit, an earnest appeal to teenage decency, and a molested piano in today's countdown of the Top Songs Of The Day According To Hard Cold Data Of 2012:

15. David Naughton - "Makin' It" (7/4)
Probably the most commercially successful song I featured this year. It nearly turned me into a Pepper.

I don't know the name of this song, but it was recorded at Schmootzi's birthday party. I wish I had posted it for reasons other than why I posted it. For all their loved ones, and for Cafe Racer. 

13. T. Rex - "Rabbit Fighter" (8/31)
Inspired by a visit to the Evergreen State Fair, at which I saw the biggest rabbit I've ever seen in my life, a Flemish Giant.

12. Corey Feldman - "What Up With Youth" (7/11)
From Howard Stern's brief foray into television. Corey Feldman, go-to guy for questions unanswered.

11. Marco Benevento - "Atari" (9/16)
Featuring a treated piano. Benevento's an experimental artist who nonetheless knows the power of a good melody.

Tomorrow: We break into the top 10, #10-6. Try not to climax early.
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