The Top 30 Songs Of The Day Of 2013: #10-2

It hurts so good:

10. "Dance With Me," Reginald Bosanquet (Mar. 21)
Found doing a search for "worst song of all time" -- the same search string that gave me that brokeNCYDE song at #22 for which I really can't apologize enough -- was this inexplicable disco number recited by a former BBC News anchorman. You think Ron Burgundy started this shizz? Guess again.

9. "Ballad of the Sad Young Men," Roberta Flack (May 18)
The most popular cover song of the year, for some reason. The best song from the off-Broadway beatnik musical The Nervous Set as done by one of our most underrated interpreters.

8. "ディル アン グレイ (Clever Sleazoid)," Dir en Grey (Apr. 29)
This shouldn't come as much of a surprise: The most popular theme week this year was Metal Week, which I partially coordinated while I was covering the Golden Gods Awards in May. Three songs from that week made the year-end top ten; this is one.

7. "Sweaty and Hot," Alan Thicke (Aug. 12)
One piece of archival video that had web vultures particularly hopping the last year was the 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobics Championships, hosted by the dad of the guy who had a smarmy hit with the song "Blurred Lines." The elder Thicke was a songwriter in his own right -- we all have rights -- and this original was introduced in the midst of the program, most likely between the jumping jack and chin-up events.

6. "Benihana," Marilyn Chambers (Jun. 8)
Lest you think Andrea True was the only porn star to mine some gold out of the disco genre, Marilyn Chambers took the bump-and-grind to its most logical extent with this dreamy reverie of a Japanese lover. You will never eat at cooked-at-your-table theme restaurants the same way again.

5. "Killing Time," Hollywood Rose (May 1)
Also from Metal Week: this primo demo cut from Guns n' Roses before they were Guns n' Roses.

4. "Oui, J'ai," Johnny Hallyday (May 24)
Johnny Hallyday is uncontested as France's equivalent to Elvis Presley, and again proved this blog is really adamant and occasionally successful at pushing its Francophilia in your face.

3. "All I Do Is Think About You," Tammi Terrell (Apr. 4)
A luscious song written by Stevie Wonder -- later covered on his own album Hotter Than July -- I haven't any idea why this SOTD was more popular than all but two others this year, but whatever the reason I'm glad it was.

2. "After Forever," Black Sabbath (Apr. 26)
We couldn't do Metal Week without something from Sabbath. This is my favorite Sabbath song, one of metal's most moving songs period, and probably not coincidentally the one song of theirs that puts to rest any notion that they're the anti-Christ. You're welcome for the cognitive dissonance, Bible-thumpers.

Tomorrow we reveal the Big One, along with a special surprise which I'm sure you're going to love, and will re-establish my status as one of the most important music bloggers you know personally.

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