The Top Songs Of The Day of 2016: #40-31

If you've been following the gossip columns and police blotters you'll know this will be the final countdown of Songs Of The Day this blog'll ever see, unless I'm offered money to continue SOTD at some point in the future. So you could consider it a hostage situation if you like. I prefer the term "musical blackmail."

As has been tradition at year-end, the next five days will list out the forty "top" SOTD's over the year 2016. I changed the formula for tabulations again, just to make everything more equitable, but unlike last year I'm not going to go into details. I'm not secure with the state of the math. I just tried various setups and picked the one that looked like it would yield the most interesting list. That's how I understand the EPA is going to start working after Inauguration Day, so we'll all win. Don't bother trying to figure out what was #1, either. You'll never guess. You just won't.

All right already, let's get started.

40. Claudine Longet – “Let’s Spend the Night Together”
May 4

A killer cover from the former skier. She really gave it her best shot.

39. Charles Mingus feat. Jean Shepherd – “The Clown”
Oct. 5

A reaction to the October Clown Crisis in the USA. Dark times, man.

38. Delia Derbyshire with Anthony Newley – “Moogies Bloogies” + “I Decoded You”
Jan. 10

The musical mind behind Doctor Who meets the musical mind behind most of Bowie's earliest works.

37. Harry Kakouli – “Stop Me, Nudge Me, Push Me”
Aug. 26

The former bassist for Squeeze went solo. I have no other hook that explains why this did well.

36. Gene Wilder – “Pure Imagination”
Aug. 30

Had to do too many of these types of tributes in 2016.

35. Francesca Michielin – “No Degree of Separation”
May 13

The Eurovision Contest rebounded a little this year, at least for us. Although I couldn't remember anything terribly exciting about it.

34. Gary Usher – “Sacramento”
June 20

From a tribute week to Brian Wilson and the many places his tentacles reached.

33. Harry Nilsson – "The Cast and Crew"
Feb. 26

The great musical ending to the not-very-good '60s comedy Skidoo.

32. The Godfathers – “Those Days Are Over”
Feb. 29

From a week given over to forgotten bands of the '80s.

31. Carpenters – “Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing”
Feb. 9

The Carpenters sing a Neil Young song, before they realized where the coin really was. That is not a criticism.

Tomorrow: #30-21.

Carol Channing in Skidoo. Skidon't.

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