Song Of The Day 10/17/2012: Alex Chilton - "Free Again"

I realize Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill" is the go-to song for people leaving certain situations in aspiration for better things, but... really. You should know Song Of The Day by now. We do nothing that's even the least bit familiar unless it's been relegated to the dustbins of history and I feel like giving it a reappraisal. Plus I'm in the tank for Alex Chilton, always will be, and this is the song that's been running through my head the last two weeks. If this doesn't do it for you go ahead and Google "Solsbury Hill," ferchrissakes.

Yeah, it's a new day and all that. Just keep me out of the crack houses and off the bocci ball courts and everything will be just fine. And, as always, as will eternally be the case -- thank you friends.
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