Song Of The Day 1/23/2013: Jessie Ware - "If You're Never Gonna Move"

Possibly my first true love of 2013. This is a song from Jessie Ware's album Devotion, which came out last year and was shortlisted for the Mercury Prize. No less than six singles were culled from Devotion, but this wasn't one of them.

I was looking for a clip for this song that wasn't the official music video, because I fell in love with it strictly through a blind first listen-through, and didn't want the visuals to impose any kind of influence upon your first hearing it, in case you haven't heard it yet. So if you wouldn't mind averting your eyes by blindfolding yourself, or turning your back to the screen, anything short of the somewhat reckless Oedipal method, that'd be super.

*BTW, completely zoned out on yesterday's song being the 300th Song Of The Day. Sorry I forgot to mention it. Go ahead and print the T-shirts.
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