Song Of The Day 9/3/2013: Fleetwood Mac - "Red Rover"

You all know of my mad Lindsey Buckingham love. If you don't, I'll restate: I love Lindsey Buckingham. My affection for him didn't spring so much from his work with Fleetwood Mac, though Tusk is one of my 20 favorite albums of all time. Rather, it came from his solo records. I got Law And Order when it came out and it beguiled me. I have clear memories of me parasailing over the coast near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico when I was 14 or 15 and for some reason the song that ran through my head during the act was Buckingham's version of Kurt Weill's "September Song." Never been able to put two and two together on that one: why I was floating two football fields above the earth with a Weill song running through my head. I don't get my head sometimes. I think the Moonies might have gotten to it when I was six or something.

Anyway, one of my two favorite albums of 2006 was Lindsey's solo project Under The Skin. (The other was Scott Walker's The Drift, the first time in 23 years I couldn't resolve the tie by the end of the year. Yes, I keep track. I have Excel, might as well use it.) My keeping up with new Fleetwood Mac music stopped after Mirage, so I didn't really bother listening to 2003's Say You Will. The other night, apropos of nothing, I listened to it, and discovered "Red Rover," which is essentially the template, intentionally or not, for a lot of songs on Under The Skin. So because I like "Red Rover," because I like Lindsey Buckingham, and because I got a lot of hits last week when I posted another superstar band on this blog, I present it to you. Yes, I'm watching the numbers. I told you I have Excel.

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