Song Of The Day 10/14/2013: Bobby Womack - "The Preacher / More Than I Can Stand"

So, yesterday's mixtape was a shockingly huge success. Well, huge for me. That's because I count all of my visitors as the shining, unique pearls they are, and wouldn't ever consider them in the crass terms of commercial interests. You're not just a numbers game to me. I feel you deeply in my heart. Remember that next time you're reviewing my resumé for possible employment or trying to figure out who you're going to give grant money to. Kiss-kiss.

Speaking of, I've already started the next mixtape -- in fact I'm already 25 minutes into it. It's going to have a theme: the tension between our collectively experienced urban pods, and whether we can supersede our myopic self-perceptions to forge a new sort of communality that...

Well, no. It's about sex. It's just going to be about sex. No McLuhan-esque desultory philippics for me, it's going to be about getting it on.

I believe this performance by Bobby Womack -- which, incidentally, is one of my favorite single live tracks of all time -- will be on the next mixtape, probably at the end. Before it gets lost in the special effects and comic hijinx of the next mixtape, please listen to it with as much reverence as I do.

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