Song Of The Day 12/5/2015: Eduard Romanyuta – “I Want Your Love” (Moldova)

Song Of The Day Outtakes 2015 – Today's video tribute to pop star Criminality Lite was cut from I'm Ovision -- Eurovision! 2015. I'll speak to it more directly in an upcoming year-in-review post, but let's just say this year's Eurovision feature wasn't nearly as popular as 2014's. I have some theories, the primary of which addresses the lack of scantily-clad Polish milkmaids in this year's contest. But anyway. Eduard Romanyuta, who represented Moldova in Eurovision by way of Ukraine, was cut from our original lineup due to his uncanny resemblance, both musically and in this video's plot, to more unpalatable strains of Bieber-ism. Perhaps this video was satirizing and overstating Bieber's previous brushes with the law and the social contract. Probably not. Also, should be noted that the having-sex-while-driving sequence towards the late-middle is a direct homage/cop/ripoff of the most ludicrous scene in automotive-based cinema: the carnal knowledge between Charlie Sheen and Kristy Swanson in the 1994 Henry Rollins vehicle The Chase. There are so many things in this video that you shouldn't try. Maybe in Moldova, I suppose.

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