The Top Songs Of The Day of 2015: #30-21

Onward and upward. Literally upward.

30. Michael Brown - "The Woolworth Manager's Work Song"
Aug. 28

A bizarrely infectious industrial recording from a '60s convention catered to retail distribution outlets. That's a recipe for chart success for you.

29. The Pleasure Seekers - "What a Way to Die"
July 26

Featuring not just Suzi Quatro, but a bunch of other Quatros.

28. The Browns - "Teen-Ex"
Sep. 7

Let's just say this isn't the last of the Hidden '60s Part 1 songs you'll be seeing this week.

27. The Rondels - "Satan's Theme"
Oct. 19

From the second entry of A Dream Date With Satan in which the waitress returns with the cheese.

26. The Lafayettes - "Life's Too Short"
Sep. 11

From the Hidden '60s Part 1.

25. Ginny Arnell - "Dumb Head"
Sep. 12

Yep, Hidden '60s Part 1. You guys are validating my conceptual genius.

24. The Rave-Ups - "Positively Lost Me"
Aug. 30

A standalone song from John Hughes' Pretty in Pink (though not on the official soundtrack album).

23. Little Pattie - "I'll Eat My Hat"
July 6

From Australian Pop With Colin Donald. Graciously assisted in social media by the artist herself.

22. Suicide - "Frankie Teardrop"
Oct. 16

Ricardo Wang's suggestion from You Pick The Artist IV. A song I'd been avoiding for years even though this blog's aesthetics more or less screamed out for it.

21. Jo Ann Campbell - "A Kookie Little Paradise"
Sep. 8

Would you believe this is from The Hidden '60s Part 1?

Tomorrow: #20-11

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