Top Songs Of The Day 2012: #10-6

As we break into the year's top 10 viewed SOTD's, we have the shock rocker to end all shock rockers, plus the shock rocker that started all shock rockers. Also spotted: an inspirational Broadway hopeful, a medical practitioner that somehow eluded the licensing agencies, and a Hawaiian apocalypse.

10. GG Allin - "Shove That Warrant Up Your Ass" (4/26)
Consider warrant shoved.

9. Melanie Rothman - "Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life" (10/18)
I got a very nice tweet from Ms. Rothman in December, I'm guessing shortly after she'd seen it for the first time. "Here's to the artist," she said. We're all in this together. I'm beyond thrilled this made the Top 10 for the year.

8. Alice Cooper - "Big Apple Dreamin' (Hippo)" (10/16)
Featured after I'd learned the New York Times started following my Twitter account. I don't know what they're expecting.

7. Detroit Grand Pubahs - "Dr. Bootygrabber" (6/21)
A stirring piece. Never has seduction followed such a clinical template. Hilarious song.

6. Scott Walker - "Epizootics!" (11/9)
I was flush with enthusiasm about Walker's new album Bish Bosch. Apparently others were too.

Tomorrow, we take advantage of your anticipation and reveal #5 through #2, carelessly playing with your sense of release about #1 for an additional day, because We Run This.
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