The Top Songs Of The Day of 2014: #20-11

It just continues.

20. Donatan & Cleo - "My Slowianie (We Are Slavic)"
May 7

As I mentioned earlier this year, I am now buddy-buddy with the Eurovision Song Contest. I don't mean I take its results seriously, or that they're a signpost or a bellwether for anything. I just mean the sucker brings in page views for some of the most outré crap I've ever seen. This merging of the Pitbull mentality with the role of the bosom in dairy production is the first example, and there'll be one more very close to the top.

19. Tommy Collins - "All of the Monkeys Ain't in the Zoo"
Dec. 5

A piece of Bakersfield country from the '60s. I'm glad you liked it.

18. Deep Freeze Mice - "I Vote Conservative ('Cos I'm In Love With You)"
Feb. 24

A hilarious piece of work from the dimming view of Britain in the mid-70's. This feature caught the eye of the song's original writer, Alan Jenkins, who left me this note: "I wrote that song back in '76 just after she became Tory leader - it might not have been as sweet if I'd known the full horror of what was about to happen."

17. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Art Star"
Apr. 2

From the week in which I presented songs that featured a lot of screaming. Possibly the most underwhelming week of the year, but Karen O. and her staff rose above it.

16. Spiny Norman's Mind Games - "Sorry About That, Chief"
Sep. 5

You guys recognize Get Smart minutiae when you see it and reward it accordingly. For that, I am hopeful and proud.

15. Gotye - "Learnalilgivinanlovin"
Jan. 22

Before "Somebody That I Used To Know," Gotye hated the space bar.

14. David Ackles - "Oh! California" vs. Rufus Wainwright - "California"
Nov. 3

Another pair from Song Wars week, featuring two of my favorite songs with wry attitudes about my native Golden State. There's still a 5:1 chance I'll end up back there someday.

13. Blondie - "11:59"

Jan. 5

From a week of B-sides, which I'm planning to do again in the month of January. This chirpy number occupied the back porch of "Heart of Glass."

12. Melvin Van Peebles - "Chippin'"
Dec. 1

One of the runaway successes of the last quarter of the year, from the patriarch and legendary filmmaker and musician. I still don't have a technical definition of what "Chippin'" is.

11. Self Defense Family - "Nail House Music"
Mar. 23

Before I canned New Release Week in favor of the Saturday Boy playlist, this bit of arthouse confusion seemed to win a lot of favor. More than Beyoncé, even, but that's the nature of this forum.

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